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Your licensed notary serves your needs as an impartial witness licensed to authenticate the signatures on affidavits, deeds, power of attorney documents, and a long list of other legal documents. Our mobile Notary service in Carlsbad is available every day of the week and we will come to meet you in your office, home, or pretty much anywhere else you are. Just call us to set up an appointment for fast and efficient notary service from our licensed notary public in Carlsbad San Deigo.

What Is a Notary Public Allowed To Do?

By law, being a bonded and licensed notary gives us the duty of taking acknowledgment and administering oaths and affirmations. We also take dispositions and perform jurats. The primary purpose of a notary service is the prevention of fraud. Notary service is your impartial witness which ensures the positive identification of any person or persons that will sign a document.

Setting Up An Appointment

When you set up an appointment with our mobile notary service, we should be able to come to you within 24 hours of your request. In most cases, we offer same-day service for our clients in Carlsbad. We can come to your home, hotel room, hospital room, or any other neutral location of your choosing. We are available during regular work hours and you can also set up an after-hours appointment for an additional fee if you want. You don’t have to come to our office, our mobile notary service means we can come and notarize your document anywhere you are in Carlsbad and surrounding areas.

How ID Verification Process

One of the main duties of a notary agent is to verify the identity of a person or persons signing a document. Therefore, you will need to provide a valid means of identification if you call for our services. This can be your Driver’s license issued by the State of California or any other state-issued ID card. We may also accept your United States passport or a driver’s license issued by the US, Candian or Mexican government. ID cards by other US states may also serve as valid means of ID. An employee card or any other cards that may be used to identify you may also be accepted. However, if there is no valid means of ID available, we may establish positive ID by the oath of one witness known by your notary agent who can identify you under oath. Alternatively, the oath of two credible witnesses that knows the client (may not be known by the notary agent) can also serve as a positive ID.

How We Take Payments

We take cash payment and may also receive money orders, checks, or payment through Paypal and any other means for your convenience. The cost of notarization for various documents is fixed by the State, but we may also charge you additional cost depending on where we come to meet you. As licensed notary in the State of California, we may provide free services such as the notarization of voting documents for election or provision of the Oath of Office for elected officials in the State. Carlsbad Notary may also provide a discount for specific groups of individuals including seniors, active servicemen in the military as well as their immediate family.

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Do you have questions about our notarization services or you would like to order for our services in any of the locations we serve? Get in touch with us today. You can call our customer service line, send us a mail, or fill the contact form on this website. We will send a notary official near you to your location in San Diego, Ca.

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