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We are your certified, insured, and bonded notary service company in La Jolla and surrounding areas in San Diego. We offer reliable mobile notary La Jolla and we are highly efficient and knowledgeable. Our services are also very affordable and we will arrive at your location at the appointed time in any location of your choice. We will come to your home, restaurant, hotel, law firm, bank, businesses, or any other convenient location in La Jolla. Our professional notary services are easy and friendly.

Real Estate Forms and Other Business Documents

As a real estate agent in La Jolla, having us as your notary official will be quite beneficial. You will need to sign a lot of documents that require the presence of a licensed third party for authentication. We are always available to serve as your notarization official on any real estate transaction. We understand the real estate language and will do our due diligence as your notary official. We are available as notary public on Prospect St. in La Jolla and other locations for various business transactions that require legal notary presence.

Family & Estate Planning Documents

We are your notary help for family-related documents. We serve your notary needs notary publics in the village of La Jolla for family documents like divorce documents, adoption paperwork, domestic partnership deals, and so on. We also notarize estate planning documents with multiple notarization requirements. Estate planning documents we notarize include last will and testament, declaration or amendment of trust, health care directive documents, power of attorney, and so on. We will assist through the process of completing all the signatures required on these documents with all the signers involved. On your request, we can send more than one notary to your location for jobs that involve lots of documents that need to be verified and signed.

Don’t Sign Yet!

One of the common mistakes people tend to make with notary public services is to come to us with already signed documents. All notarized documents must be signed in the presence of a notary official and not before we arrive. Do not come in or call us with your document already signed. You will have to sign the document again or need a new document entirely which will then be signed in the presence of the notary agent for it to be accepted as valid. Keep this in mind to avoid a messy situation.

Experienced Mobile Notary

Mobile Notary La Jolla has been in the business of notarizing documents for several years. We serve a wide range of industries from legal and banking, medical professionals, real estate, and more with our notarization services. We also have experience with handling loan documents, health care directive, and other personal notarization documents. You can trust our reliable and experienced service for all your needs.

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Do you have questions about our notarization services or you would like to order for our services in any of the locations we serve? Get in touch with us today. You can call our customer service line, send us a mail, or fill the contact form on this website. We will send a notary official near you to your location in San Diego, Ca.

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