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Time is valuable and most people cannot afford to lose it, so even for important tasks like getting notarization, going to a stationary Escondido notary official can be a big burden. You have to drive all the way to get the service you need and hope that they aren’t busy or out of office. A much simpler and less burdensome alternative is to call for a mobile notary Escondido. Your mobile notary official will drive down to your location to handle the notarization process. There is no extra stress on your part. This is a simple and convenient way to save time and avoid stress on your notarization service.

Our Notary services

Our notary Escondido services will provide the notary services you need in Escondido and also serve as your notary public El Cajon and other surrounding cities. All you need to do is call, send an email or fill the form on this website and you will get a call back to schedule an appointment for the notary services you need. We provide reliable notary service and bring our services to you at your confidence. Most jobs are completed within 24-hours or even less. If you need notarization services in Escondido, get in touch with us to set up an appointment.

Our Service Areas

Our notary Escondido officials will drive to you at any location of your choosing in Escondido, El Cajon, Irvine, Vista, and all other areas in San Diego County to provide the notary service you need. We serve lawyers, loan officers, real estate agents, School districts, and pretty much any other individual or group of individuals in need of notary services in San Diego. We have been in the notarization business for long and we have reliable professionals that ensure that your documents are signed and validated with the utmost diligence.

How long does it take to have a document notarized?

We come to see most of our clients within 24 hours of getting their request. In most cases, our same-day service promise is never broken. We will come to your locations whether it is your home, hospital room, office, or pretty much anywhere else in Escondido and surrounding cities. The process of signing your document or administering an oath usually takes about 5 minutes or even less for a single document. Once we have verified your identity, you simply need to sign the notary official’s record book and provide your thumbprint and we can be on our way.

Can a notary refuse to notarize a document?

There are instances where a notary official may decide not to notarize your document. The most common reason for this is the notary official is unable to properly identify an individual. This is why we recommend having a valid means of identification ready if you call for our services. Notarization may also be declined if the officials have reasons to believe that the transaction is fraudulent or the person signing does not know what they are signing. This is important since the notary can be held responsible for a fraudulent transaction that takes place under his/her watch.

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Do you have questions about our notarization services or you would like to order for our services in any of the locations we serve? Get in touch with us today. You can call our customer service line, send us a mail, or fill the contact form on this website. We will send a notary official near you to your location in San Diego, Ca.

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